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NoMI Omakase

In recognition of NoMI's Japanese influences & offerings, NoMI presents NoMI Omakase an 8-course culinary journey based on the "I leave it up to you" approach popularized in Japan which sees guests relinquishing control of their meal to the Chef.  

Guests will be served dishes dependent on seasonality & the Chef’s own professional judgment. Guests have the opportunity to discover dishes like fresh White Fish Ceviche adorned with chili thread and tenkasu; Otoro with tamari, kizami wasabi, togarashi, and ossetra caviar; and A5 Wagyu Aburi Nigiri enhanced with foie gras, then torched with white truffle snow.

Further elevate the balance and harmony of each dish with curated beverage pairing selections to enhance your Omakase experience. The clandestine NoMI Sushi counter overlooking Lake Michigan will house the Omakase dinner daily for groups of 1 to 6 from 5 pm - 9 pm.

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